Haircuts hairdresser in Modena

Having a haircut done by a hairdresser in Modena at Le Coffeur is a guarantee of top professionalism. All the salon’s employees regularly attend courses to be updated with the latest fashion trends. The clients can always ask them to decide their new haircut done by a hairdresser in Modena at Le Coiffeur. Sometimes you might fall in love with an actress’s haircut, but you don’t understand that it doesn’t suit the shape of your face. A good hairdresser has the task to have a precise idea of how an apparently perfect haircut will suit a specific type of face. For example if you have a long face without high cheekbones, you should opt for a haircut that minimizes this physical feature. Therefore, it is better to volumizethe sides of the face: a long wavy haircut and a fringe are perfect, thanks to the vertical line that gives an idea of shortening. Also the part might be useful because it keeps the hair volume of the upper side of the face under control, but it is not indispensable. If you want, you can opt for a side part, which parts the face and gives it new proportions. It is better to avoid short haircuts.
If you have an oval face, it means you have good proportions and therefore you can have all types of short and long haircuts done. Be careful to the volume, because it is better to avoid the backcombing effectnext to the hairline, whereas the ringlets at the end of your long hair are more than welcome. If you have an oval face, you should opt for a haircut with fringe. Women with rounded faces and full cheeks must absolutely avoid short haircuts; because the long hair coming down to the shoulders help make the face thinner. The volume of the hair is very important, it should be volumized at the root and natural for the rest of its length. Is it better to avoid ringlets and ask your hairdresser a razor-cut to help your face look longer. It would be better to avoid the fringe, but if you cannot, you can opt for a razor-cut lock with a side part, trying to make a part which does not to clearly divide the forehead, but helps the upper part of the head soar.
With a craggy face, one common mistake is to try to cover the jaw, but trying to do so might lead to highlighting it instead. It is better to avoid geometrical cuts and opt for softer ones, which help softening the face with locks and ringlets. The hair should never be loose, but set in soft waves, so that the ends frame the face, hiding the jaw. If you have a squared face, it is better to avoid a straight fringe, but opt for a layered one.