Hair-sets hairdresser in Modena

Whether your hair is short or long, the hair-set made by a hairdresser in Modena is crucial. It is duringthe blow-dry and hair-set phases, in addition to a well-done haircut, that a professional hairstylist, like the ones working for Le Coiffeur, shows his/her skills. Furthermore, a special and complex hair-set is often required for a special day like a wedding or another ceremony the client is attending, and she must be sure to have a perfect hair-set. If you have long hair, you have many options: you can leave it untied, opt for a half up, half down hairstyle or for more complex hair-sets. The half up, half down hairstyle, for example, is a type of hair-set made by a hairdresser in Modena which has become very successful in the recent years, because it is simple but at the same time has a nice effect. Simple hairpins are applied in the upper part of the hair, at the nape of the neck, creating a voluminous effect. The rest of the long hair might be left naturally loose or if you prefer ringlets might be created to frame your face. If you have long hair with a fringe, the fringe is straightened and volumized, whereas some waves are created in the hair, section by section, which are then fixed with a strong lacquer.
Another hair-set is with big waves, a perfect hair-set for curly and long hair, if you don’t want to tie it. The lock of hair is harmonized with the rest of the hair, or it is straightened and volumized like a small crest. The addition of long thin braids that work as hair bands is another funny solution. This hair-set is perfect for important faces, because it harmonizestheir shape, giving a romantic look. If you have very rebel hair and a small face, you shall opt for a gel style hair-set, which relies on large quantity of products to keep the hair away from the forehead and from the face. Women with short hair have maybe less ways to manipulate their hair-set, however the hairstylists at Le Coiffeur will offer many solutions. If your hair is long enough, you can have some side braids done, kept together like small crowns with hairpins. This hair-set is recommended for wavy and straight hair and it is a perfect way to enhance long bobs or short haircuts, especially if you love the romantic chic style. If you have short and curly hair, you can try a rockabilly or vintage style, backcombing your locks. If your haircut is very short, it is enough to volumize only the front part of your head. For a vintage Twenty-like style you can use a very big lock, backcomb it and fix it with a hairpin in the middle of the nape, leaving it loose to emphasize the effect. For a gala dinner and elegant occasions, instead, low tied hair is a perfect choice if you love a sober yet chic style.