Colours hairdresser in Modena

The right hair colour is very important, it must be chosen according to the client’s requests but also advising and helping her choose the most suitable tones for her skin complexion. Le Coiffeur’s hairstylists are expert in colours and the hairstylists in Modena working for this salon guarantee their top professionalism.
Women with light eyes, red or brown or copper brown hair should choose tones ranging from the Venetian blonde, to gold to copper to red. The bravest clients might dare with intense red reflections, which lighten the skin, whereas it is better to avoid black, which makes the face craggier and highlights the pallor.
The Mediterranean type with a natural olive-coloured skin, dark eyes and brown or black hair, might opt for mahogany, copper, chocolate tones which match the skin colour. If you want to try a daring contrast with your skin colour, which is very original and has a great impact, Le Coiffeur’s hairdressers recommend the platinum blonde. You should avoid instead the golden copper or orange tones.
With a nice rosy complexion, accompanied by hazelnut brown eyes and light brown or copper eyes, the best colours are the warm ones like brown or red, which soften the pink cheeks. The golden blond or the darker copper streaks are highly recommended for this type of complexion. It is better to avoid strong and unnatural colours instead, because they risk having an unpleasant wig effect.
If you have a pale skin, light eyes and golden hair, we suggest you ash blonde streaks. If you want to intensify the effect it is enough to darken them with some dark brown or warm tones, which create a contrast between the complexion and the hair. If the tones are too golden-like, you risk worsening your complexion; therefore it is better to choose warm colours. A special colour is the henna, a yellow-greenish powder extracted from the dried leaves and branches of a bush. This product is sold pure or coloured. The pure one has an intense red colour; therefore the powder is mixed with other colorants, to obtain a wider range of tones. The black henna, called Indigo, is extracted from a powder obtained from the dried and grinded leaves of the IndogoferiaTinctoria. If you mix this substance with the pure henna you will obtain a dark tone used to make some colours like dark brown or, with many applications, raven-black. The blonde or light brown henna with golden reflections is obtained with chamomile, nut husk and turmeric powder. Finally, the neutral one does not dye the hair, but might be used as a hair mask to moisturize, nourish and shine the hair.
Le Coiffeur’s hairstylists are expert in colours and the hairdressers in Modena working for this salon use many colours for many types of hair.