Le Coiffeur

Le Coiffeur is a hair salon located in Modena, in via Trento Trieste, 91/93, where the clients may choose the best haircut to suit their face. The hairstylists create many hair-sets for every occasion and offer many fashionable colours. The hairstylists regularly attend courses to be updated and offer the most modern and fashionable haircuts. We use only the best quality products, which respect your hair and make it shinier and stronger. We take care of your hair at 360°, we make it more beautiful and shinier, because beauty and health must go together. Over the years the staff of Le Coiffeur in Modena was able to help clients with difficult problems and very damaged hair, that is why only the best quality products are used. Hair waxes, creams and ointments are crucial because they are used on dry hair and give an unkempt look, reducing the frizzy effect of curly hair and making it healthier. The ones with honey and eggs are especially recommended, because they give shine to weak and thin hair. The staff at Le Coiffeur salon uses also many natural oils, from olive oil to essential oils, and shea butter. One of the most used products is the gel applied on humid or dry hair to create shapes with a wet effect. Also in this case the products used in the salon are natural, easy to remove with a simple shampoo and they do not damage the hair structure. Also foams are used to reduce the damages caused by the hair driers, because they create a barrier around the hair. They are also used to create the expected volume for your hair-set, even if today they are used less and less, because the hairdressers opt for gels or other solutions which result in less “fake” effects for the hair-set. Another product is the lacquer, which is applied on the hair when they use the curlers, because it gives the sensation that they are harder. Actually it is used because it maintains the curls perfect for many hours. The blow-dry lotion is used instead to leave the hair soft and helps protect it from the hair-dryer.
Le Coiffeur does not limit its offers to the haircuts, but the clients going to the salon in Via Trento Trieste, 91/93 will receive a true beauty treatment. While washing your hair you will have a long massage to relax and reactivate the blood circulation to stimulate the hair growth. Awelcoming place with skilled and up-to-date hairstylists who offer the best professionalism in a salon where the clients are cuddled and can serenely relax.